Amazing Radio Star

“I’m going to sing until you buckle up!” that is what this amazing radio star used to tell her kids and now her grandkids.  Now and days she is traveling all over for KVSV and her Grandkiddos, making sure to never miss a birthday, always buckled up of course.  Sharon is one of a kind, making beautiful whimsical creations for you from her and husband’s brand Milo’s. Her amazing farm style art works are for sale at local businesses and she is found at many vendor markets ready to share her impressive style with you.  She has offered many encouraging words to those around her and is always there to lend a hand.  Sharon constantly has a smile on her face, a pep in her step and an energy about her that’s catching.   Sharon you are an AMAZING radio star!


Sharon is modeling the It's a Dandy Tote Bag.

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