Amazingly Positive

Bad things happen. Our true character shows when we respond to those things. Will we think "poor me!"? or will we try to learn and find meaning through the journey? Looking back on the last 6 months, scary things happened. The morning I asked my mom how her biopsy came back, I crawled back in bed with my husband and cried. My mom has cancer. That was February 17th. 

After her surgery, my mom, Tammy went through four treatments of Chemo over the course of 12 weeks. She has been amazingly positive and I've even seen some ornery confidence coming out! I LOVE IT! I've seen her push past her fear and show up positive on the other side of it! When she started losing her hair, she was bummed for a minute and then said "Well! I've always wanted a wig! And now I don't have to do my hair!". After treatment #3, she got her nose pierced becuase she wanted to! She's been more vulnerable and opened up more than I've seen before and I know that's hard for her because "she doesn't do vulnerability." But when I challenged her to open up just once - she saw how many women could be inspired by her amazing story. Since then, she has continued to open up in different ways and I pray that this never ends! God has given my mom so many amazing gifts! Gifts that the world needs! Stories that are completely her own! Stories that the world needs to hear!

Written by her Amazing daughter Shannon 

Tammy is modeling the "Purple Flower Power Square Scarf", check it out under Amazing Items Just for you than Time to Accessories.

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