The amazing Sarah!

you ARE amazing

This amazing woman introduces herself as “Blessed with the best little boy and a great life!!” on facebook and I feel it.  I see her almost every day and I am as excited to see her as all the wonderful little one she watches over.  You always know when she comes in the door because they all yell SARAH and you better get out of the way.  They greet her with open arms and she returns the love.  She is a lead daycare provider, a youth educator and nurture.  Sarah takes the time to get down and talk with the little ones when they are upset and it shows they care for her immensely.  She puts the parents at ease and helps the daycare drop off  process significantly.  I for one am very proud that she has watched both my kids through the years and am happy to call her a friend.  Sarah you are one amazing person!

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