All about us

You ARE amazing!

Welcome to Calico Jax Closet the place you come to and walk (or type) away feeling amazing, finding the perfect thing to add to your closet.  My goal is to remind you that you ARE amazing!  I know that there is something going on in your life that if you took a step back you would see just how amazing other people think you are.  It can be hard sometimes, being a mother of two and wifey I often feel as though I am doing it all wrong.  Then I step back and think about all the little things that I have done throughout the day and I realize that I am amazing!  I think once you say it and maybe even yell it you smile and say GO ME! 

I wanted to show case all the little things that most of us walk by everyday without a second glace.  Showing off the fact that if we slow down and look at all the details that make up the world around us we can’t help but think wow that's amazing! 

I wish, hope and dream that everything I have provided you makes you think about how AMAZING you truly are.